You'll Never Take Me Alive

from by Modefi

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You’ll Never Take Me Alive

and where I’m at is on another level
so high up the locals never heard of devils
they say my songs are the chants of the rebels
and that one day the voice of many make the one tremble
so many souls die without a legacy
let alone me who wants to die being legendary
i will take it to the levy watch it break the water bury
carry out survivors and rivers run with capillaries
I’m looking to do more than create a first impression
truthfully this music is therapy for my depression
from all the loss all the hardships we be facing
get it out with one mic and a tape in the basement
if its hate you’re emancipating
be aware of your complacence
I’ve seen karma too much to know it aint my imagination
im chasing my dream you can achieve yours
I’m cool with my girl you can keep your whores
Hors d’oeuvres for the amateurs i be on a diet
get some rest in the morning we gonna grind or die trying

My Mission aint classified
to gain access where i was denied
forget pride this is a ride or die state of mind
i do it for trayvon’s life and if not yeezus then i’ll fight
i aint about biting no tyson, something aint mentally right
as if the lights went out, now I’m just chillin' under halogens
they got lights in the air, more outside? well then send ‘em in
so everybody know who we are talking bout 1 win
time is right and so is this atmosphere so lets begin

I’m lyrically painting pictures with a sick sense of persistence
its in the details where the devil dictates his business
so it’s crucial that you’re here, in dress code to bare the witness
the sight of the blind man begging for forgiveness
that feeling cringes inside us like a stomach filled with leeches
and death coming for all us so fuck ya’ll riches
im in battle swinging while ripping open my stitches
you can burned or buried down 72 inches

no no no no, no no no no, no no no no, no no no no...
No, you aint taking me nigga nah
you’ll never take me alive x2
No, you aint taking me, or imma kill you first
you’ll never take me alive x2


from URSA MAJOR, released October 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Modefi Boston, Massachusetts

Patrick Bosse otherwise known as Modefi is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer from East Coast Boston MA.
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