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where you from will teach you how to interact
and where you at gives you practice
where i been aint pretty but its my past
im tryin ta get active
im reactive to the passive
when the ass out i try to grab it
imma chase it till she let me have it
then we gonna fuck to all your favorite classics
at the core we all so primitive
our perspective sometimes so limited
the reason why i always get lifted
im glad i did my whole view shifted
its more acidic all the shit its been mixed with
only takes a shot to get lifted off my liquid
twins beware my tongue is vicious
own a black cat aint superstitious
up until 12 i thought i was a christian
by 18 everything was different
my life was realer than high definition
high the definition

grind smoke stress release

watcha want from a nigga in suburbia
I’m climbing like everybody else
had it worse years back yeah i been worse
fuck top shelf. fuck everyone else
imma rap, grind, party, rewind
I’m high all tha time and my life just fine
new creator of modified minds
so much money so little time
imma take it, one day i’ll make it
gimme the constant cash-flow fuck the greatest
title’s wasted -it holds no basis
spotlight don’t matter when the money faceless
everybody changes when they bank does
from brooklyn to boston i made bucks
the grind work off location
adapting can’t be a hesitation
i aint having that,

grind smoke stress release

I’m bout to roll one and light and fuck it man no ones invited
i got that real shit that don’t give a fuck if i end up signing
heard all that talk about writing records just for attention
please take a picture of my middle finger like owe did i mention
oh did i mention my presence is lethal injection, oh did i mention.
oh did i mention, all my life growing up, i was never accepted
i made exceptions. my hesitations turned into fuel
no reservations trust don’t take me for a fool

grind smoke stress release


from URSA MAJOR, released October 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Modefi Boston, Massachusetts

Patrick Bosse otherwise known as Modefi is an American Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer from East Coast Boston MA.
serious inquires on custom production seek

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